Heroines in the church

Today our sisters may not be called to participate in the will of God in the same way as our brothers but they are expected to be just as faithful in their activities. Just as those women mentioned in Hebrews 11 and undoubtedly many more, through the faithful deliberation of their responsibilities, caused the advancement and great success of God’s cause then, so are our sisters to be the heroes of today, by ensuring that those tasks that fall to them, are carried out efficiently and with godly fear, to the honour and glory of God.

It is as we come together as a team, pursuing a right representation of our great God in our individual and collective responsibilities, that we become heroes in the sight of God and our spiritual family members present and to come. Regardless of the activities, we are to pursue them with an aim of perfection, remembering that they are the directives of God, designed for his glory. Careful attention must be paid to ensure that a spirit of negative competition, selfishness, envy, interference or any such thing, does not redirect our attention from faithfully carrying out our tasks to the glory of God.

We read of our sisters of old who were heroic in their walk with almighty God. They were by no means perfect, but they stuck to the tasks which fell to them and faithfully executed them, causing their names to be recorded as heroes. As we from time to time remember heroes nationally, we want also to remember them spiritually. In remembering, we want to encourage our sisters to stay the course as did those before, so they may be seen by us as heroes of faith and accepted by God as such.



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