Posts from October 2016

Is God on Your List?

In many respects the beginning of a new school year really represents for us a new beginning. The fact holds true regardless of where we are in life. Whether we are students, parents, business owners even retirees, the buzz of activities affects everyone. Like it or not we must reorganize ourselves in-light of the new […]

Thinking of our Heroes

As we continue to reflect on our leaders those we feel have gone beyond the usual and the expected in their actions on our behalf, many personalities come to mind. We think of national heroes, community leaders and even family members. As Christians, we have many heroes of faith recorded among God’s people (Hebrews 11). […]

Let’s Be Heroes

Everyone will agree that it takes passion, unselfishness and drive to become a hero. We in this country remember our heroes with pride generally, but specifically at this time of year when the focus is on their selfless acts which has shaped the society we now live in and call our own. These heroes have […]