Let’s Be Heroes

Everyone will agree that it takes passion, unselfishness and drive to become a hero.

We in this country remember our heroes with pride generally, but specifically at this time of year when the focus is on their selfless acts which has shaped the society we now live in and call our own. These heroes have left us the legacy of a better world. We are in the fortunate position to leave it to others coming after us in a state that they can be so proud of that they and play their part in improving on it for the generation after them.

One sure way to cultivate this kind of patriotism and selfless mentality is to work to encourage them to make Jesus their ultimate hero. Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and demonstrating to them how Him being our ultimate hero in his redeeming act for all mankind, has helped us in shaping our world, is the best direction we can give.  Sharing Jesus with them will make us their heroes and with Jesus as their as their role model and guide they will become heroes to others

God expects the Christian to be of value to the world. He expects us to be unselfish in helping men and women to come to Him. He expects us to see their cause as urgent and important both to them and to us. He expects that we will take their cause to Him in prayer and action to help them out of their sinful situation. He expects us to be a hero to them.


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