Wisdom is the principal thing

Solomon, described by the all wise God, as the wisest man, (1 Kings 3:13) charges us to acquire wisdom. Whilst he encourages us to seek after other necessary and noble things such as instruction and understanding, the emphasis is on getting wisdom (Proverbs 4:7). In driving home the point of its urgency and importance Solomon lists some eight or more eternal benefits to be derived from seeking wisdom. Clearly he wanted us to recognize that while we should seek after the many other important things of life including instruction and understanding our greater emphasis should be on getting wisdom. Wisdom is principal, first, primary, all important and above all. It must be our number one priority.

Nationally, our priority this time of year is ensuring that our children receive instruction and understanding. Every effort is now being made to ensure that they begin the new school year as best as is possible. Parents are hoping that their children will receive the best instruction and that they will understand. Instructors are preparing lessons to ensure that proper instruction is given which will aid better understanding. All this is good, but we should remember that wisdom is the principal thing. As important as these are they are secondary, hence the effort being expended to get them should be secondary to that be put out for them to acquire wisdom.

So, how do we get this all-important thing? We are told that the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom. (Proverbs 1:7, 9:10 and Psalms 111:10). Wisdom begins with a proper understanding of who God is and who we are. He is the source of all wisdom, and our wisdom begins by properly aligning ourselves with God. The closer our relationship with Him, the wiser we become.

Let us seek after wisdom and encourage all others, especially our children, to do so. It is the principal thing.



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