Not Forsaking the Assembling of Ourselves Together

The directive from Hebrews 10:25 that Christians should not forsake the assembling of themselves together is based on the different fellowship activities which we enjoy because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  The verses call us brethren and indicate to us that we should draw near, we should hold fast and we should consider one another as we see the day approaching.  One sure way to draw nearer to the Almighty, tighten our grip on him and be more considerate of each other is to ensure that we are in the assembly as often as it meets to fellowship and supplement our regular personal study of the word. Forsaking the assembly is therefore not a good practice for the Christian.

Written within the same time frame (AD 63-70) the books of Hebrews and Acts share a lot with us about fellowshipping as Christians. Acts 2:46 tells us that the Christians met daily in the temple courts and apparently quite regularly in each other’s homes to fellowship and eat meals together. Fellowshipping was done with gladness and sincerity of hearts and in all their activities they would praise God and enjoy the company of each other. Assembling themselves together whether for worship or social activities was a good practice for the early Christians.

I am going to take the liberty of suggesting that because they were not forsaking the assembling of themselves together, they were worshipping daily together, eating their meals together and praising God together while enjoying each other’s company – people were drawn to them. Persons were learning about Christianity from both their teaching and lifestyle and as such many were being added daily by God.

Let us strive to strengthen each other and bring others to Christ through assembling ourselves together.


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