Is God on Your List?

In many respects the beginning of a new school year really represents for us a new beginning. The fact holds true regardless of where we are in life. Whether we are students, parents, business owners even retirees, the buzz of activities affects everyone. Like it or not we must reorganize ourselves in-light of the new responsibilities, to ensure that priority activities on the list, despite these developments and distractions are still achieved.

As Christians our first and most important activity is carrying out the will of God. This we must continue do and strive to do properly even in the face of the many new challenges which face us day after day and especially at times like this. Staying focused in these high stress times come as a result of daily practice. Victory in these times, helps us to go forward stronger to tackle other daily challenges. Regardless of the challenge, our priority must be doing what God wants.

The Bible has many examples of men and women who despite their many challenges, made God priority. The Widow at Zarepath who shared her seemingly last meal because of her faith in God (1Kings 17:14-15), Peter who obeyed and let down his net one last time (Luke 5:5), the widow who threw in her last two mites (Mark 12:42) and, Jesus Himself who gave his life for our salvation (Matthew 26:39,42; Luke 4:4,8,12).Despite the social, economic, and personal conflicts and challenges, God and His will was priority one.

There are many things to get done and many of them are important but we cannot allow the cares of the world to choke out our faith. Fighting to stay on top of things is made even more difficult because we are fighting against principalities and powers (Ephesians 6:12). What we see however is that if God is priority one, all else will work out (Matthew 6:33).

Where is God and His will on your list?



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