Thinking of our Heroes

As we continue to reflect on our leaders those we feel have gone beyond the usual and the expected in their actions on our behalf, many personalities come to mind. We think of national heroes, community leaders and even family members. As Christians, we have many heroes of faith recorded among God’s people (Hebrews 11). These men and women demonstrated qualities which caused inspiration to comment that the world was not worthy of them.

One such character was Moses. He chose God over all the riches of the then world. As the son of Pharaoh he was in need of nothing, but choose to give it all up to become enslaved to the very people he once ruled. He sought justice, social reform and eventually a deeper understanding of God. Moses with those qualities rescued God’s people, delivered the law, led Go’s armies and guided His people. Truly he was a hero.

From a powerful figure in the then world and the likely to become its ultimate ruler, he was reduced to an Egyptian abomination, a shepherd.  Moses knew this for he was “educated in all the learning of the Egyptians and was powerful in speech and action” (Acts 7:22).  Now that Moses was a simple shepherd, he must have resigned himself to a life in the desert tending sheep, but God intended for him to be more that- God intended for him to become someone great.

Those of us who are in the kingdom are considered greater than those of the Old Testament because we have been exposed to Jesus Christ and his Gospel. Certainly we should make this count. Many persons still live in our world that needs guidance in reordering their minds to seek justice, to be more social and to seek after God. They are sometimes looking for persons to teach them God’s will, lead them away from the claws of the devil and towards the almighty God- in essence to be their heroes. Those of us being guided by Jesus Christ and is gospel have the capacity to become heroes to them. We should decide to go after those enslaved by sin like we were and persist against their hardened hearts, as God directs, as long as they will listen. Persist till they are saved.

We need to become, and continue being heroes.


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