Mid Week Bible Class and Prayer Meeting


The mid week Bible Class is an interactive informal session where various topics are explored and discussed.  The class is interactive, allowing for questions and comments from the audience relating to the topic being discussed.  The class is also informal, where casual, modest attire is appropriate and acceptable.

The aim is to create an environment where all persons who are interested in studying the word of God can gather and feel comfortable and welcome.


The class is currently discussing the topic – “Identifying Marks of the One, True Church“.  The world today is filled with hundreds of different churches all claiming approval from God and to belong to Him.  The Bible however speaks of the church as a singular entity, in direct contrast to the denominational nature of Christianity today.

Does God approve of all these various churches or is there still only one true church that He accepts?  Will any church do if we are to be saved eternally or is there one specific church which we must be a part of to be saved?  Does it matter who started the church, when it was started or where?  Do the doctrines of a church and what it practices make a difference?

These are but some of the questions that are being explored.  We invite you to join us for prayer and join in the discussion as we search the scriptures to see what God’s will is regarding His church.


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