Let’s be Extraordinary!

Throughout the Old and New Testament the Bible gives many examples of the great impact of persons of all ages on the achievement of the mission of God. In most cases these were ordinary persons to begin with, going about their everyday life, not conscious of the extraordinary impact they could and would have on the work of God. Like many of us today, it may be possible that they were unaware of their extraordinary potential for God because they were focused on the ordinary things about ourselves.

One important fact that should move our thinking from the ordinary to the extraordinary is that we as children of God have been translated into the Kingdom of God (Col. 1:13). Think of all the great men and women of the Old Testament and consider that as a child of God you are considered by God to be greater than them (Mat. 11:11).  Yes, Abraham the friend of God, Jacob the father of Israel, Moses the great law giver,  Joshua the great war Lord, Esther, David, Solomon, Hannah, , Daniel, Elijah etc. were all great persons, but despite their greatness, those in the Kingdom are considered greater because they are in Christ Jesus.

Those men and women were extraordinary in their time. They had great faith in God despite their limited knowledge of Him and His plan for humanity (Gen. 15:6). They achieved many great feats for God despite now primitive technologies, subduing nations and instilling the fear of God in them (Joshua 11:4). They lived Godly lives as a community, protecting their heritage, despite the world of idolatry around them. In the eyes of their community and the world but importantly in the site of God, (Heb. 11:4-40) they were extraordinary!

Let us be extraordinary people for God, going above and beyond to preserve the bonds of faith and taking the Gospel of peace to everyone.



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